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Coca-Cola’s Giveaway Promotes Coming Together Over Meals

Coca-Cola’s latest promotion, brought to you by Caribbean Bottling Company (CBC), local producers of Coca-Cola and Dasani products, brings the joy of drinking a Coke to the lives of seventeen lucky winners.

CBC prides itself on providing a wide range of products for the public to savor, but giving back to the community is also of equal importance. The company's essence echoes in the latest promotion which is all about sharing moments with loved ones.

The promotion which was founded on the premise of bringing people together around meals, ran from February 26 to April 12. Participants had the option of purchasing one 6-pk, four 20 ounces PET or two 2 liter PET bottles of either Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coca-Cola No Sugar. After purchasing one of those three items, contenders simply had to submit their receipt. Customers were then entered to win a variety of kitchen related prizes, the major giveaways being a new refrigerator, stove and microwave combo and a grill set which included a new grill and grilling utensils.

Promotions such as these are important as they leave a lasting impact on those who win. An impact the winners were happy to share while speaking to them.

Bernice Gibson, one of the grill set winners said she felt chills as she retold the moment she learned she won.

“I was on the road and I screamed. Yes, I literally screamed because I never think I will win these things. I forgot that I even entered so when I got the call it came as a total surprise especially because it happened a few days before my birthday. Can you think of a better gift?” Gibson exclaimed.

Tavalla Sherman, a self-proclaimed “Coca-Cola woman” and winner of the refrigerator, stove and microwave combo made sure to share the magic of Coca-Cola after experiencing it herself.

“I always want to help, so once I got the call that I won I knew right away that I would use my blessing to be a blessing to someone else. My old appliances were still in good condition so instead of selling them we decided to donate them.” Sherman said.

Through Coca-Cola’s giveaway, Sherman was able to donate her refrigerator to a small school, her microwave to a family friend and her stove, ironically to the lucky individual who installed her the new one.

Steven Mackey, recalled being “totally shocked” upon learning he won the refrigerator, stove and microwave combo; however, family members were not surprised at all.

“Out of everyone in my family I drink Coke the most so when I told them that I won everyone said it was a no brainer. I’ve been following CBC on Facebook for years and I love Coke so I’d like to think winning this was a reward from Coke so to speak.” Mackey said.

Aside from sharing a Coca-Cola drink, nothing encourages togetherness more than calling friends and family to partake in a weekend grill out.  That is exactly what Sandra Munnings, the second winner of the grill set did.

“Once I received the grill, my son and I wasted no time setting it up. We immediately hosted a grill out so family and friends could celebrate and enjoy our new grill with us” Munnings shared.

All of the winners expressed their gratitude stating their prizes were something they really needed or came at a perfect time in their lives, or both.

There’s nothing Bahamians love more than community and a great meal. Coca-Cola recognized that and wants to continue promoting the spirit of unity through giving people the tools to come together around delicious meals.

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