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Ken Mullings Levels Up Through Powerade Sponsorship 

Bahamian professional athlete Ken Mullings, like many athletes, has his mind set on the Paris Summer Olympic Games, and with Powerade’s sponsorship he believes his goals can become reality. Sponsorships such as these assist athletes with the cost for training, workout gear, coaches, travel etc., which can be exhausting. Fortunately, throughout the years Powerade has been a proud supporter of the 2023 CAC Decathlon silver medalist, a sponsorship that Mullings is grateful for.  

“This partnership means a lot because it shows that God hasn’t given up on me and that Powerade believes in me and sees my improvements throughout the years,” Mullings said. 
“This sponsorship also helps me to reach others and hopefully motivates them to keep pushing.” he continued. 

The 27-year-old who began his track and field career at CARIFTA, like many athletes throughout the Caribbean, understands the importance of maintaining a healthy body as he entered his first CARIFTA the games with a partial knee injury.  

After experiencing this at such a young age, Mullings made it a priority to keep his body in top shape. Another reason he says his sponsorship with Powerade is match-made heaven. 

“Partnering with Powerade is perfect because hydration is key for all athletes in any field. My event is a difficult event to get through. Especially without the right hydration in place, so this plays a big role in my improvement this year.” he expressed.  

Aside from providing athletes with the fuel to perform at the highest level, Powerade also focuses on prioritizing athletes' mental and physical well-being. Their slogan, “Pause is Power” dispels the notion of winning by any means necessary, a belief Mullings fully supports.  

“Being a part of a brand that prioritizes your mental health and well-being motivates me more to keep improving because I know that they want the best for me and for others. By taking care of those areas, it helps me to recover and last longer in this field.” Mullings said.  

As the weeks narrow down to what many claim to be the greatest display of athletic excellence, the Olympic Games, Munnings says you can expect great things from him.  

“My biggest goal is to hit the auto mark for Paris, after that my goal is to put up a score at the Olympics that can get me on the podium” he shared. 

Mullings reiterated that because of Powerade’s financial assistance he now has the freedom to focus on perfecting his training and competing harder.  Mullings said, “sports lovers can always expect the best out of me no matter where I am, especially if I’m wearing The Bahamas’ uniform.”