Recycle To Win!


This Superbowl Sunday, while you cheer on your favorite team, be sure to save your aluminum cans for the chance to win a $250 Gift Card! The person who brings in the most aluminum cans for recycling (by weight) will win.

Here’s how to recycle and win!

  • You can donate aluminum beverage cans that were produced by any company/brand.
  • Cans must be empty and free of debris, including chewing gum. 
  • Please crush your empty cans.
  • Cans must be placed in garbage bags.
  • If cans have been filled with any kind of foreign material, such as sand or dirt, they will not be accepted.

Collection will take place on February 13, between 10am-3pm at the New Providence Community Center on Blake Road.
Aluminum cans will be weighed by a member of our team.
The person with the greatest weight, in aluminum cans, will win.

The prize will include a $250 BPL Gift Card.

If you have any logistical questions about the recycling initiative, please email