Goombay Punch Winner

New Legend - Class A
(Long Island)

Mack Knowles Junior Saling Club
(Long Island)






Goombay Punch Cup

For hundreds of years Bahamians have set out exploring the high seas. Whether for enjoyment or livelihood, building boats and sailing them out is deeply rooted in our culture. Caribbean Bottling Company proudly supports Sailing, our national sport and the various Regattas held throughout the country. We believe Regattas unite and give Bahamians from far and wide a chance to return home, connect with their history and immerse themselves in our vibrant culture.

In 2022 Caribbean Bottling Company introduced Bahamas Goombay Punch Cup in conjunction with local sailing groups and associations. Annually the competition in open to various regatta sloop vessels. 2022/2023 season was open to A – class sloops and the 2023/2024 season is open to B – class sloops.

The winner of the cup is determined by the cumulative points totaled
from the three major national regattas:

Best of the Best Regatta
National Family Island Regatta
Long Island Regatta

Annually the victor is announced upon the completion of the
Long Island Regatta in June and receive:

$5,000 cash prize
$8,000 stipend towards supporting the Junior Sailing club on the respective island of the winning sloop
Custom congratulations Goombay Punch 12oz can