Coca-Cola Bahamas Glass Campaign

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What do I have to purchase to receive a glass?

GROCERY STORE CUSTOMERS: Customers shopping at supermarkets will have to purchase one of the following to receive ONE Coca-Cola Bahamas Glass:

-TWO (2) Six-Packs of any Coca-Cola beverage (or)
-FOUR (4) 2ltr bottles of any Coca-Cola beverage (or)
-ONE (1) case of any Dasani beverage

Customers can redeem up to four glasses per day. 

CBC DEPOT CUSTOMERS: Depot customers will have to purchase FIVE (5) cases of any beverage in the CBC Depot to receive ONE Coca-Cola Bahamas Glass. Customers can redeem up to four glasses per day. 

Q: Why is the depot redemption different?
A: The depots are meant for wholesale purchases and customers are usually purchasing larger quantities of products. We still want our depot customers to get in on the fun, while making their usual weekly purchases.

Q: I am a frequent Depot Customer. Why is there a daily limit?
A: The promotion is meant to be a fun way to celebrate our Bahamian pride. The glasses are limited edition, with limited quantities, and we want as many of our customers to be able to receive them as possible.

Q: Where can I redeem my glass?
A:  To redeem, customers can bring their receipt to any of our CBC sampling events or the front desk of our CBC Sir Milo Butler Highway or CBC Grand Bahama locations.

Q: Where can I find the CBC Sampling Schedule?
A: You can visit our Caribbean Bottling Company Facebook and Instagram pages for sampling locations.

The CBC Instagram pages are: @caribbeanbottling @cocacolabahamas

CBC can be found on Facebook at Caribbean Bottling Co. Bahamas

Q: How many glasses are there?
A: There are 7 glasses that customers can collect. They include

  • The Bahamas
  • Grand Bahama
  • Eleuthera
  • Abaco
  • Long Island
  • Andros
  • New Providence,

Q: How many islands are featured?
A: 6 islands are featured on the glasses.

Q: Why weren’t all of the islands featured?
A:  We would have loved to feature all of the islands, however, we were unable to do so. Instead, we chose islands with the largest populations. Long Island was also chosen because the CBC Family has a very deep connection with the island.

Q: How long will the promotion last?
A: The promotion will last until the end of August or until supplies last.

For any other questions or concerns, contact CBC Marketing at: